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Blue Oak Consulting is a boutique CFO Services firm that specializes in working with small manufacturing businesses to stabilize and improve cash flow, optimize working capital, and increase profitability.

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"… Chris has been a strong cross functional partner who doesn’t shy away from challenging assumptions leading to better overall analysis. Chris has a strong technical and industry understanding and an eye for improving efficiency and standardization in any process with which he’s involved. Through increasing workload and complexity, Chris continues to prioritize and lead effectively, his dedication is unmatched …"

“Chris is hardworking, honest, has the highest integrity and has a strong desire to achieve business results. His technical financial skills are excellent … Chris has deep knowledge of SAP, accounting, controlling and was able to help us move forward.”

“… It didn’t take Chris long to understand what’s needed and to establish clear targets. He became a highly trusted partner to the entire Management Team…”


“Chris always made himself available, especially in multimillion-dollar capital projects where his advice was crucial to the overall strategy. Chris led many cross-functional teams with the Division Leadership Team. His financial insight is one that is not very common which is due to his experience and knowledge. I recommend Chris to any corporation and am glad to have worked with him as I have learned more than I can imagine from him.”

“…. Chris was always a great thought partner and helped us to continue to improve the alignment between the final financial forecast and the demand & supply plans feeding this. Chris was always very collaborative and a pleasure to work with. His leadership to help simplify and streamline the financial forecasting processes for the business resulted in less churn across the organization.”

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Let's Talk!

Depending on your needs, we can discuss what services for you could look like.

Let's Talk!

Depending on your needs, we can discuss what services for you could look like.
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